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SurferSpeak: 'It's just a peck, silly!'

india Updated: Jul 05, 2006 17:51 IST

So, dashing dude John Abraham was shooting in Afghanistan for Kabir Khan's Kabul Express and caught an infection. A concerned girlfriend blurted out that it could be because of Afghan tradition of greeting each other by a kiss on the cheek.

And what do we have? A handful of surfers writing in said it's all a hogwash. A kiss on the cheek is no reason for infection to spread.

Here's how it went. And, for that matter, not all are Afghans.

Malvika Sharma of Delhi would have none of Bips excuses. This is what she had to say:

"What Bispasha says is rubbish. Infection doesn't spread by a kiss on the cheek. It's so surprising that an actress like her believes that infection can spread in such a way. The Arab culture is quite a nice culture where men greet people by just rubbing cheeks with the other. It is perfectly normal and is done all over the world."

Rasheed from Dammam, Saudi Arabia too wasn't at all impressed by the Bong beauty's statement.

"I don't think someone gets ill by this particular tradition of Arab countries (touching the cheeks). Bipasha cannot blindly blame some community. I am working in an Arab country where millions of people greet in this way several times a day. Nobody gets affected by any disease. It is really amazing to hear something like this!"

Ghazna from Kabul in Afghanistan was most offended by this statement.

"Such a shame that Bipasha speaks in such a disparaging way about a nation friendly to India. People in Afghanistan love Indians because of their humble and respectful character, but such people cause considerable damage to it."

While Rose added rather sardonically that shaking hands not kissing was more dangerous,

"Someone should tell Bipasha that germs spread more by shaking hands spread than kissing on the cheeks. John may be sick for other reasons," she said.

This is an example of creating a fuss out of nothing!


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