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SurferSpeak: Our society remains 'rigid'

Times have changed but the 'rigid' and 'stagnated' Indian way stays and blocks our progress, says our surfer.

india Updated: Jun 20, 2006 16:50 IST

We are in the 21st century, the so-called modern age. But do you feel any difference when you look around yourself? Are you really in the modern age? Do you feel that our country has made any progress? Technically, yes. But socially?

Socially the Indian society is still "rigid" and "stagnated". We still face the same problem that we had years ago. People still believe in the so-called Varna system and no one questions why. The Indian society is not allowed to question. It just has to follow.

Someone else thinks for you and makes your decisions. Is this right?

The Varna system is the root cause of caste discrimination. And it is because of this that we are facing the current reservation problem.

Someone should have questioned this system a lot earlier and should have revolted against it.

Youth doesn't mean people coming under a particular age group but people who are 18 at heart, people who are open-minded and want to progress in life. We, the youth, represent the future of this country.

We are the ones who complain that our country as backward and corrupt and that it would never progress. But we do nothing, and in the end we suffer.

We have to take action.

Even now, inter-caste marriages are looked down upon by the society.

Today, a live-in relationship is perceived to be a crime. Why can't a girl and a boy who love each other live together? It is because the society says so.

Women are always considered secondary to men. Society says that women should not stay outside their houses after sunset and that they should spend more time at home.

We are in a democratic country but such practices are still followed. We have the right to revolt against these unnecessary rules imposed on us. The dowry system still exists and will continue to unless we crush it by our own hands.

Class and caste discrimination in Indian society go hand in hand and there is no stopping them. Today if a daily-wage worker is hired, the way he is treated is pathetic. Dignity of labour is totally unacceptable to the Indian society.

The way we look down at the lower segment of the society and the way we judge them is pathetic. If we improvise on this, their dignity as well as ours will be restored.

If we, the youth, unify together and revolt, we will be free from the tag of the backward and the underdeveloped.

Aditya Chandurkar can be contacted and is based in Mumbai.

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