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Swami, divinity and sceptics

india Updated: Dec 25, 2006 18:39 IST

I do believe in freedom of speech.

But there is a morality factor that the author of this particular article has completely disregarded. Just because a few people start blaming Swami, how can Sanghvi just ignore the rest of his devotees... a few million devotees? It is ridiculous that Swami be compared with PC Sorcar. David Blaine and David Copperfield are illusionists... and damn good ones.

But we are talking divinity here. An illusionist makes us think that something exists or does not exist right in front of our eyes... while the truth is so different. They make us think... meaning they play mind games. How can that be compared to Swami? Swami preaches a lot of good stuff like "Love all serve all" help ever, hurt never" and so on...

So does this mean that he is mesmerising us to help others and serve others and love others? What is happening to the so-called brain maniacs these days? People from all around the world come to Puttaparthy... for a good reason.... a reason known to all of them... to get a close glimpse of divinity.

It is very easy, to research and write a detailed article. Anybody can do that. But to experience divinity, is a totally different experience. If you have faith in Swami or any God for that matter, make it a strong one.

If you don’t have faith, don’t hurt the feelings of those who do. All of us are learned people. Every soul that comes to see Swami are smart enough to make their own choice. We are not a vulnerable lot that such articles should be written with a view to open our eyes.

No one has the right to demean somebody else's faith or belief. And the Afro remark is totally unnecessary. What does it prove? What is the point?

Miracles appear as miracles to a true believer and a sceptic can never experience it unless he opens his mind. Comparing the holy ash and Omega watches makes absolutely no sense. God doesn’t waste time in thinking who deserves holy ash and who deserves an Omega watch.

And by the way, the holy ash or Vibuthi is the best blessing that one can receive from Swami. If you have proof that he is not God... then we have enough proof that he is GOD.

But Swami doesn’t wish to prove anything - he will never argue for himself or try to convince sceptics. You know why? Because that is what magicians do, not GOD.

God bless all!