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Teach morality and spirituality

Human beings are the best amongst all the species because they can discriminate between good and bad.

india Updated: Aug 05, 2006 21:16 IST

As per Indian scriptural evidence, conditioned souls are enveloped by Lord's illusory energy consisting of three gunas or primal qualities, Sattva, Rajah, and Tamah. 'Tamah' is the tendency to commit vice or to inflict injury.

By Rajah-guna, living beings are created, by Sattvaguna they are maintained and by Tama-guna they are destroyed. It is the tamah tendency seems to have now engulfed the whole world.

Human beings are the best amongst all kinds of created species, because they have got the discriminating power between good and bad, eternal and non-eternal, vice and virtue. Eating, sleeping, defending and mating are equally present in beasts but human beings are superior because of their discriminating power. Yet human beings have become the greatest enemy of their own species, causing unnatural deaths without considering the innocence of the killed, whether they are children or women, whom the killers have never seen and who have never done any harm to the killers.

When human beings have lost the capacity to understand the difference between civilisation and non-civilisation, good and bad, they have lost everything: 'When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; and when character is lost, everything is lost.' The highest importance should be given now to character building in human society. The root cause of such venom is false ego: wrong conception of self, consequently causing false interests that make us competitive and ferocious.

Only theoretical knowledge is not sufficient, there should also be practical spiritual life. 'Example is better than precept'. This must be started forthwith and introduced in the education system. Character building is the backbone of the nation and human civilized society. But most important is that the instructor should have practical moral and spiritual character. 'Education' is defined as systematic instruction, with development of character; 'Character' is defined as mental and moral qualities. How is this against a secular state? Moral and spiritual lessons come from culture. This process should be instituted without delay. The legacy of Indian saints is superbly equipped to help.