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That’s your scent sign?

india Updated: Feb 11, 2012 00:48 IST
Priyanka Monga

You might be surprised to know, but there exists a connection between your zodiac sign and the fragrance that attracts you. So, this Valentines if you plan to gift your beloved a perfume, then make the gift more thoughtful by picking a perfume that is apt for his/her zodiac sign.

Ratnamani MVK, business head, Giorgio Armani, Diesel and Ralph Lauren fragrances says, “Fragrance according to personalities is a unique facet that exists as personality traits, and fragrance preferences are tracked according to individual sun signs.” Fragrances are all about emotions, moods and diverse characteristic traits. The perfume you spray not only makes you smell good but also creates a fragrant aura around you.

We got perfume experts and astrologers to decode which fragrance works for which sun sign. So, soak in this fragrant journey to discover your scent from perfume categories such as floral, fruity, spicy, Oriental, oceanic, citrus and woody. These fragrance notes will match perfectly with your preferred fragrance. Here are the 12 zodiac signs and the fragrance that suits each sign, best.

Aries: Confidence is your strength. Your magnetic personality deserves a bold and intense fragrance that leaves an impression on others. “Your sign responds well to strong fragrances such as spicy and floral,”says Arun Barathi, COO, Delhi Duty Free, Indira Gandhi International Airport.
Perfume Type: Spicy and Floral fragrance

Taurus: Indulgence is your virtue. You are practical yet indulgent. Astro expert Kamal Tantra says, “A warm and sensual aroma with a hint of mystery will express the passion in you.” Earthy and Oriental fragrances will titillate your senses.
Perfume type: Woody and Oriental fragrance

Gemini: You have a charismatic personality. Your curious and charming personality will suit a warm and soft fragrance that will easily assert your brilliance. Barathi says, “Look out for notes of earthy and spicy fragrances that are not too strong.”
Perfume type: Woody, spicy and soft fragrance

Cancer: A harmonious nature is your virtue. You have a nurturing instinct and value sense of security. A blend of light, fresh and sophisticated aromas will lighten you up. “Light and cool fruity, floral aromas for women and oceanic fragrance are best suited for Cancerian men,” says Barathi.
Perfume Type: Floral, fruity and oceanic scents

Leo: Strength is your bait. You are a born leader who is strong and calm. Fruity and floral fragrances suit Leo woman, while citrus and oceanic suit Leo men. Ratnamani MVK says, “A delicate yet powerful fragrance suits you best.”
Perfume type: Floral and fruity for woman and citrus and oceanic for men

Virgo: You signify elegance and grace in everything you pursue. A fresh, sensual and subtly vibrant scent best captures your irresistible spirit. Tantra says, “They like their fragrances to be clean, natural, earthy and fresh.” A very strong scent is just not your style.
Perfume type: Oceanic and Oriental fragrance

Libra:Tranquillity is your biggest trait. You are loving and enjoy order and balance in life. Soft floral and fresh Oriental fragrance suit your personality type. Ratnamani MVK says, “A cheerful, soft scent with a sensual undertone will highlight your peace loving nature.” Perfume type: Soft floral and Oriental fresh fragrance

Scorpio: Passion is your driving force. You seem calm on the outside but are passionate within. A light, sensual and invigorating scent will illuminate your mysterious self. “Your perfume should have sensual, floral or spicy scent notes,” says Ratnamani MVK.
Perfume type: Sensual floral and spicy fragrance

Pisces: Creativity is your biggest strength. You are thoughtful and imaginative. Fragrances concentrated with energy will help balance your personality. Oceanic and fruity scents will appeal to you. Astro expert Kamal Tantra says, “Liquer notes in a fragrance is associated with a Piscean man.”
Perfume type: Oceanic and fruity scents

Aquarius: Originality is your biggest trait. You take pride in your individuality, and are a rebel. So, unconventional perfumes are meant for you. Arun Barathi says, “Citrus and oriental fragrances attract you.”
Perfume type: Citrus, fruity and Oriental fragrances

Capricorn: Determination is your virtue. You are as steady as a rock. Astro expert Kamal Tantra says, “Warm and intense fragrance compliment your personality. So, go for Woody and spicy scents.”
Perfume type: Woody and Spicy

Sagittarius: Adventure thrills you. You are an energetic and vivacious explorer. “A fresh uncomplicated and naturally invigorating scent will best encapsulate your energy,” says Ratnamani MVK. Over-fussy perfumes are not your type. Flower, fruits and aquatic scents are best for you.
Perfume type: Light floral and citrus for woman and citrus and oceanic for men

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