The best bites: Top Suarez memes that you should munch on

  • Vishakha Saxena, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Jun 25, 2014 22:36 IST

Uruguay may have won Tuesday night's Group D match against Italy but it was Luis Suarez's 'bite' off Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini that won the internet.

Though Fifa is still investigating the incident, Twitter users have clearly taken sides. While some have shown vehement support for the Uruguayan striker, others have demanded that he be banned. #BanSuarez was one of the trending hashtags on Twitter for almost 12 hours.

Video: Suarez does it again! Bite incident mars Uruguay World Cup win

With that in mind, it wouldn't seem a surprise that Twitter has become a gold mine of jokes and memes on Suarez. We bring you some select memes that will leave you reeling with peals of laughter. Take a look:

Courtesy: Twitter, @Ali_Fawaz

Courtesy: Twitter, @telegraph_sport

A reference to Hollywood thriller 'Jaws' directed by Steven Spielberg. The movie was about how a giant great white shark wreaks havoc on the shores of a New England beach resort. Courtesy: Twitter, @BeerOholic

Courtesy: Twitter, @beaubodor

A reference to fictional character Dr Hannibal Lecter who is a cannibalistic serial killer. Courtesy: Twitter, @KingZAKSA

Courtesy: Twitter, @soulchild210

Courtesy: Twitter, @telegraph_sport

Courtesy: Twitter, @BrendenNel

Courtesy: Twitter, @anthpezz

A reference to Cesar Millan (left), a Mexican American dog trainer, widely known for his TV series Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan. Courtesy: Twitter, @SlothBoogie

Brands take a bite too

More than the memes, what went viral on Twitter were the digs that big brands like McDonald's, Listerine, Snickers etc took at Suarez.

"We recommend a good swish after grabbing a bite of Italian. #WorldCup #PowerToYourMouth" tweeted mouthwash giant Listerine (@ListerineGlobal).

In Uruguay, the local McDonald's restaurant chain, using the Twitter handle @McDonalds_Uy too was quick to deliver a message to the striker:

Another brand Trident Gum made a 'biting' joke at Suarez too. "Chew Trident. Not soccer players. #ITAvsURU" its official Twitter handle tweeted.

Take a look at some more hilarious quips about Suarez:

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