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The boy who lived forever

india Updated: Aug 29, 2009 18:32 IST
Luke Kenny

Once upon a time, there was a little boy who lived. He was bestowed with one of the sweetest voices ever heard. His father knew this and thought to himself, ‘What a brilliant way to make money!’. So his father took little boy’s childhood away, and made him sing and dance along with his four other brothers as a group.

This group was a one-of-its-kind group and hence it became a sensation in the public world of music and performance. It was the toast of the moment and swept up a whole generation in their wake of smooth grooves, funky beats, slick dancing and of course, the ‘voice’ of the little boy.

Now the father knew that this little boy was becoming more popular than his brothers, and did everything to keep him in line with them, but one day, a fairy godmother visited. She saw what no one else could see, that the little boy had the power to be much more than just ‘one of the brothers’. So she lifted him up from amongst the brothers and gave him a singular platform to realize his destiny.

The transformation was magical. Without his brothers to restrict him and without his father to tie him down, this little boy unleashed his full power upon the unsuspecting world. And what a power it was, a force so strong that the world couldn’t stop getting enough of it. The boy knew this was a power only he had and he had to be in complete control of it, so he began working day and night to be able to sustain the element of surprise that he was now coming to be known for.

A world of his own
Now the boy was aware of the power and the effects that it had on people, so he began to create a world that would, swoop and conquer all of mankind and make them all another part of himself. It was a bright winter morning when the sounds of a thrilling nature were heard emanating from electrical devices of the modern world. Everywhere you went, people were singing his songs, dancing to his moves, watching his every step and the exuberance was akin to walking on the moon. No one was left untouched by the phenomenon of this little boy, who, although had become a young man, still had the innocence of childhood. But with the world now looking at him, he felt the need to hide. And he began to hide behind the childhood that he never had.

But the dark forces in the world began to notice this and began to twist the phenomenon into negativity. They began to mock and satirize his endeavors to create a world exclusive to himself, yet open to the scrutiny of an invasive media. Although hurt by this, he vowed to turn this adversity into advantage. He would show them who was ‘Bad’ and ‘Dangerous’.

And once again, he returned to the world shining in vestral armor, spinning in infinity and gladdening the world in ways unfathomable. He erased the lines between black and white, he jammed with us and like a ‘smooth criminal’ he began to heal the world. But the more he gave of himself, the more he hid in the closet and knowing deep down of the inevitable end, he prophetically and cryptically asked us, ‘Will you be there?’

It was a fine summer morning when the little boy died. He died a man, broken and butchered by the world. He died a man, loved and revered by the people. He died a man, complicated and convoluted by life. He died a man, inspired and invocated by divinity. He died a man, but he will eternally be the boy who lived.. forever. Happy Birthday, Michael Jackson.