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The dialogue

india Updated: Sep 16, 2009 22:30 IST

I see you’re reading a thick book. Nothing wrong, I hope?

Sssh. I’m trying to finish Dan Brown’s latest novel, The Lost Symbol, before the movie comes out.

But didn’t his Angels and Demons come out earlier this year? I swear I saw Tom Hanks as Harvard University symbologist Robert Langdon in his funny hairstyle a few months ago.

That’s the movie, drickwit! The Da Vinci Code was the last novel Brown wrote and that came out in 2003. Angels and Demons was published in 2000.

So does this book also have Tom...I mean, Robert Langdon too?

Yes. This time he’s...

Let me guess. He’s stumbled on to a code that uncovers a deep secret about Barack Obama: that he’s actually a vindictive ex-rap star whose mission is to wipe out American Country music.

Er, no. This time, it’s about Robert unlocking secrets about the Freemasons.

You mean it’s about the subprime crisis in America?

No, not those masons. This is about Freemasons, members of a secret group that has its origins in the 16th century and includes the likes of Isaac Newton and Leonardo da Vinci.

Like your Pitampura Book Club?


So are the Freemasons pissed off with Brown?

No. Unlike the last time with the Catholic church, Brown’s not written anything controversial in this book.

Oh, so it’s bloody boring then...

Do say: Dan Brown is actually the secret name of Nwrob Nad, the secretive Welsh pornographer.

Don’t say: Is Harry Potter in the novel?