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The divine path

india Updated: Aug 15, 2012 23:13 IST

When we are born physically, it is a birth of many possibilities. Biology just delivers you as an animal. It is you who can turn yourself into a full-blown human being and/or a divine soul.

When you are willing, and when the necessary awareness arises in you, then you are in a position to kill the animal within and allow the divine to flower. That is when your birth becomes really significant. This possibility exists every moment of our life.

A possibility that does not become possible is a tragedy. A seed that does not sprout, or a flower that does not bloom is a tragedy. If there was no possibility, that is different. But, you are not expecting a rock to flower nor are we expecting a donkey to get enlightened. We are expecting a flowering plant to flower and we are expecting a human being to blossom into his ultimate nature. If this possibility is kept dormant, it is very tragic.

Brahmacharya means to walk the path of the divine. It means they are truly striving to go beyond their compulsive nature and move into a conscious process of life. The very effort is sacred. Will they all rise beyond their limitations today or in 10 years?

That is not the point. That someone is striving to go beyond his compulsions, someone is striving to go beyond his compulsive nature and become a conscious being is what is significant. The very striving generates a tremendous amount of possibilities for everybody around.

The only thing that sets us apart from animals is that they function compulsively, and we can function consciously. If this can be done in our lives that we take away all compulsiveness within us and make every aspect of our life into a conscious process, then we will live an absolutely blessed life.

Such persons need not even worry about their ultimate liberation. It is their right. It is not a gift from God. They have to get it; nobody can deny it to them.