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The ego blot

india Updated: Jul 08, 2011 01:25 IST
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Children around us awaken in us the awareness of how ugly our ego is. Look at a child, he is not at all concerned about past or future. Whatever the child does, it is done with total participation.

The child is fully present in whatever he does, he cannot do anything partially.

Children live in the present. And that is why people are drawn to them. You cannot really dislike a child, because the ugliness of the ego is not present in the child.

Whatever the child does is not related to any memories. The child lives in the present, and whether he is feeling love or anger, it is being fully expressed.

But he will soon forget it and pass on to the next moment.

A child’s expression, whether it be anger or love, is never caused by attachment. That is why even the anger of a child has a certain beauty, it is purely natural and spontaneous.

One has to be innocent to have that kind of spontaneous expression.

This is why the anger of a Mahatma (great soul) is beautiful, because he is absolutely pure and innocent. His expressions are spontaneous, direct, and utterly natural. He is not reacting out of the past. He just is, right here, in this moment.

The grownup people’s anger is ugly. Nobody likes a person when he is angry.

But anger of a child is different. When a child is angry, the father or mother will lift the child into his/her arms and embrace him. They will kiss the child and do all they can to calm him down. But the anger of a grownup is repulsive and will arouse anger in others.

You can only be attached if you have an ego. The ego makes you attached to the past, and as long as the ego’s attachment to the past exists, you cannot express anything fully.

Your every word and action will be tainted by the ego. A child has no ego, no past or future. Crush your ego so that you can have the innocence and purity of a little child.