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The exit sign

india Updated: Apr 22, 2010 23:21 IST

While going on the freeways in the US, the exits are marked many a miles in advance to enable you to change the lane well in time to take the exit. The freeway is like the world and the exit is a spiritual path. Similarly, a time must come when we must detach ourselves from the worldly affairs and take an exit to make the last journey in peace. We get enough signals that tell us when to exit.

Whether it is the family or business or any other job that we are looking after, we must set a target of getting out of it and be free to pursue a higher cause. The time should come when we stop interference in other people’s lives. Therefore, we should evolve an exit policy so that before the world tells us to go, we should have the wisdom to leave.

Detachment and renunciation are the key words. It, however, does not mean that we should leave the world and go to the forest. Letting go is not easy and cannot be forced. As per Vedanta, no one can leave anything till one gets something better. We can give up our old car only when we get a better one. When cooking gas was introduced, the old stove went out of our lives.

Hence the time must come when we look for something better and more lasting in life. And what can be better than trying to be one with the Supreme Lord. Chose a spiritual path, cut yourself from the world and take cue from your Guru. You cannot take an exit and run on the highway at the same time. Dependence on worldly objects and spiritual progress are inversely proportional.

It is not death that is painful; it is the thought of death that brings pain and suffering. By choosing an exit, we can reduce the pain of death. That is my personal experience. If the exit is taken at the right time, this suffering is reduced many a fold.

(The writer is suffering from a serious disease)