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The four personality styles

india Updated: Oct 27, 2006 16:36 IST

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According to behavioral psychologists, says Lisa Jimenez in her book Conquer Fear, there are four personality styles. Although every person has some traits of all the four styles, everyone has one dominant style, which determines how he/she behaves.

Panther: Those with the panther personality are born leaders. They are visionaries. They look at the big picture, are focused and decisive. They quickly make decisions and do not want a lot of information to confuse that. However, these people occasionally lose patience with others.

They are so goal-oriented and focus on the big picture that they can hurt the feelings of their colleagues or family. They are often bossy and do not listen to others. The panther’s greatest value is productivity.

Peacock: Those with the peacock personality are natural socialites. They like to have fun and create a happy environment. They relish turning things into a big event. They are the life of a party and are comfortable with being the centre of attention. They handle chaos well.

However, they are not great listeners. They can be disorganised because of their inability to concentrate on details.
The peacock’s greatest value is fun.

Dolphin: Those with the dolphin personality are natural givers. They are great listeners and loyal friends. They ask questions and like to find out about their clients, friends and family.

However, they do not like change but do tolerate it if it means being helpful to the team. They are slow to make decisions and stick with them when they finally make them.

The dolphin’s greatest value is relationships.

Owl: Those with the owl personality pay keen attention to detail. They prefer tasks over people and enjoy working or playing alone. They are observant and they notice and remember little things. They do not speak a lot but when they do, they talk wisely.

However, they can hurt others because they do not easily share their feelings. They can lose an opportunity because they take too long to make a decision. They dislike change and, when it occurs, do not handle it well.

The owl’s greatest value is security. To discover which personality type you are, in the following list, circle the words that you think best describe you:

Motivator, thorough, leader, entertainer, sequential, giver, risk-taker, colourful, detail-oriented, follower, focused, exciting, big thinker, quick-witted, outspoken, fun, peace-maker, analytical, insightful, listener, slow to change, adventurous, methodical, introspective, orderly.

Now, write the top five words that best describe you and check with the following list to discover your personality style:
Panther: motivator, leader, risk-taker, focused, big thinker, outspoken and adventurous.

Peacock: motivator, entertainer, colourful, exciting, quick-witted, fun and adventurous.

Dolphin: peace-maker, giver, follower, insightful, listener, slow to change and introspective.

Owl: thorough, detail-oriented, sequential, analytical, methodical and orderly.

Each type of personality has certain gifts to offer the others. At the same time, each of them has certain limitations. So, the individual requires others to make the “finished product”. When you realise this, you also appreciate that you were not meant to have all the strengths. Then you accept that you have to live as yourself and it is best not to try to be someone you are not.