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The high Rodham

india Updated: Dec 01, 2010 23:15 IST

You know I never really liked that self-appointed guardian of the world, but my revulsion towards Hillary Clinton is at an all-time high.

I see her mocking India's bid for the UN Security Council membership in the WikiLeaks has cheesed you off. But, frankly, what she said wasn't entirely wrong either.

Oh, you of little patriotism. There are certain things that are best left unsaid, and who should know it better than smarty-pantsuit Clinton? WikiLeaks has really got her running for cover.

That's really being cruel to her. Her antagonism towards India is nothing compared to the candour with which the US handed out titles to various heads of States. Imagine her plight when she meets the "feckless" and "ineffective" Italian PM and the "rarely creative" German chancellor at an ongoing security summit in Kazakhstan.

She will laugh it off, I'm sure, as part of American humour and send the people tapes of how hilarious her husband was when he split hairs about his relationships with non-pantsuited women. After all, the expose only mentions nations like Italy and Iran and not the dragon. I can't quite see Clinton referring to Hu Jintao as a firedrake and asking the US ambassador to Beijing to ask the commie to stop acting like a self-appointed rival to the US.

If it happens, perhaps Clinton will have to take WikiLeaks's Julian Assange's advice of resigning from her post very seriously.

Do say: That was Hillarious.

Don't say: Don't send her the Bill.