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The ideal SUV

I am searching for an SUV and have finalised on the Chevrolet Captiva. I need your suggestions on other SUVs within a budget of Rs 15 lakh.

india Updated: Aug 28, 2009 20:01 IST
Grease Monkey

Q I am searching for an SUV and have finalised on the Chevrolet Captiva. I need your suggestions on other SUVs within a budget of Rs 15 lakh. We’re a family of four interested in taking long drives.
Laveena Dias

AThe Captiva is a very capable car, and at the price it is offered, the manual is quite a good deal. GM worldwide is also back on its feet, so you won’t have any problem with spares or service. The Captiva is a very good highway cruiser, but it’s not meant for serious off-roading. If you can stretch your budget, take a look at the new Ford Endeavour, rumoured to go on sale in August with an automatic gearbox, and the
Toyota Fortuner, slated for a September launch. However, the latter might be priced well beyond your budget.

Q Why does Yamaha R1 have a 998cc engine and produce 180 bhp while a Mahindra Renault Logan have a 1.4l engine and produce only 75 bhp?

AThe R1 is a high-performance engine, and makes most of that 180 bhp right near its redline, which is an incredible 12,500 rpm. Since power is a time-based function (if the same amount of work is done in less time, it means more power) that high redline is what contributes a lot to the high power figure. Everything on the R1 is changed to suit that high-rev, high-power figure. A lot can be deciphered from the torque figures — the Logan generates 110 Nm at 3,000 rpm, the R1 musters 115.5 Nm at 10,000 rpm. The Logan’s motor is tuned for frugality and torque — with the right camshafts and an ECU remap, you can have a decent hike in that power figure, but you’ll lose drivability.

QI have i10 which I have been filling with power, speed or extramile petrol. Is it important to fill the car with only one company fuel? Will it harm the engine if I alternate the use? Should I use premium petrol everytime I fill up the tank?Thanks.
Viral Patel

AThere will not be any problem if you mix fuels of different octane ratings or brands, but for the sake of consistency it is always better to stick to a single brand of fuel. Try and tank up at the same petrol pump as well.
This will allow you to judge your car’s fuel efficiency accurately. It isn’t really necessary to tank up every single time on fuel with additives, a tank every three tankfuls should suffice.

QI have a 2008 Bajaj Discover 135 DTSi Sports. The engine is too noisy and the exhaust gives out a harsh sound instead of a soft boom. Please suggest an engine oil to make the motor sound refined and reduce vibrations. I really dig refined motors like the Unicorn’s and the Hunk’s.
Husain Kapasi

ABajaj prefer short-stroke motors, which is what makes them ‘buzzy’. The Honda engines you have mentioned have almost-square dimensions, which offer a less peaky power delivery. Bajaj has developed its motors with a lot of research, and the exhaust noise is part of the package. What you can do is add STP engine oil additive to your engine oil to reduce the noise and vibrations.