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The journey within

india Updated: Aug 23, 2012 00:22 IST
Promod Kumar Sharma

We are always more than eager to know everything about what is outside us including our body-mind complex i.e. our physical self. But do we ever try to look inward and explore our real selves?

There could be three different attitudes one can have: First, "I am enjoying life. It hardly matters if I die". Second, “It is depressing. I feel like hiding my head somewhere like an ostrich. It may help". Third, "They say death does not destroy the soul. Maybe, there is life after death”.

Which one is most acceptable? Surely, the only positive option is the third one.

Perhaps each one of us is a part of the infinite universal continuum. In comparison to the life of the universe, our life is infinitesimal.

In dimensions of time and space, our real home is the universe, our life being merely an inconsequential stop-over. However, this life provides us a rare opportunity of possessing extra-ordinary tools viz. our senses, mind and intellect which can make our journey of life quite smooth and enjoyable. But we hardly use these tools. Instead, our tools use us. As a result, we move further from our real selves.

We own thoughts of our ancestors who worked hard to realise and actualise their true potential and to explore the truth, full of happiness and contentment. We have all the tools they had, more empowered with knowledge and wisdom of millenniums.

Let us take a U-turn to move inwards, towards our 'selves'. All that is needed of us is to resolve that given will and determination, nothing can stop us in realising the truth. Let’s read all the good books of our liking, let us go places and understand all living beings as much as possible. Let the process of inward journey commence to enrich our lives on this earth and beyond. Let nothing stop us from striving for the moment when we will be face to face with our real selves.