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The karmic software

india Updated: May 11, 2011 00:42 IST

Karma literally means action and we are referring to past action. From the moment you were born till this moment, the kind of parents, the kind of home, the kind of family, the kind of school, the kind of friends, and the things that you did or did not do have influenced you. Every thought, emotion and action comes only from past impressions that you have had within you. They decide who you are right now.

In psychology, they call it conditioning of the mind, we call it Karma. In modern terms, I would say, it is software. Now, whichever way your software is, that is the way your mind, emotion and body function; even your energy moves that way. Once you allow this karmic structure to build beyond a certain point, there is really no such thing as freedom. So if you want to move in the direction of liberation, one of the first things that you need to do is to loosen the grip and shackle of karma.

So how do you do that? There are subtler and more effective ways, but I am just telling you one simple way. In the morning, if your karma is a wake-up bell at 8, you set your alarm for 5. Your body’s karma is that it will not want to get up but you say ‘No, I am going to get up.’

Even if it gets up, your body will want to sip coffee but you give it a cold shower. You are thus just breaking the old karmic process by consciously doing something because doing what you like arises from your karmic process. Since you naturally reject anything that you don’t like, do those things that you don’t like for a certain period of time.

Suppose you have to speak to your enemy, you will be conscious of every word that you utter. But while chatting with a friend, you will simply blabber without knowing what you are talking. Your enemy, his very sight creates all kinds of things in you, but you go and talk to him. This is breaking the karma.