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The lie of the land

india Updated: May 18, 2008 23:09 IST

The next time you think of lying to your boss that you are feeling a little poorly, your voice sounding a little hoarse, don’t be too sure that tea and sympathy will come your way. For faking it comes with new risks. Enter the long distance Voice Risk Analysis (VRA), a mechanism by which your boss, sitting far away can discern even the faintest lie over the phone. Your voice will apparently give you away. So if your temperature is up, you have nothing to fear. But, if you are feigning that little illness so you can catch up on that movie or do those pressing errands you have been putting off, then you are in trouble. In Britain, companies are quite serious about installing these machines because, according to an investigative survey, every eighth call made to the boss by those under apparent duress has turned out to be false!

What’s the big deal about faking? Many of us are blessed with cranky mothers or over-zealous wives. They would find the exercise of feigning illness or making excuses not quite as daunting as we do. You have always told them that you got late in office while you were actually nursing a drink on your way back. Ditto for the righteous bosses, who ask a thousand questions if you want a day off. So put up the same sorry face, no sorry voice, pick up the phone and call your boss. Remember to sound hoarse enough while saying that you have a sore throat and you feel out of sorts. Be rest assured, he will grant you the leave, VRA or no VRA. As if lie detectors really worked. Ask experts and they will say that those who are pundits in lying don’t betray a single physiognomic disturbance when they are, literally, under the detecting scanner.

So, go ahead, make that call.