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The magic of smile

india Updated: Mar 18, 2011 01:18 IST
PL Bhola

A person without a smile, they say, should not open a shop. A smile is a universally understood language which transmits positive vibes and bespeaks an inner ‘richness’. A smile is only a glimpse of joy inside which oozes out to submerge all fibres of your frame in exultation.

For a smiling face, spring season lasts forever. Its impact is so refined and so subtle that it subliminally disarms and vanquishes others. Does it not elude definition? It is a mysterious mascot that humbles dissonance and discord.

Nothing embellishes a human face as the pleasant marks of an oft-worn smile do. A testy or tetchy person gets on his face easily discernible, disagreeable tell-tale clues that give him away even to his casual interlocutor.

A person can smile only if his mind is somewhat liberated, he is not overly bogged down with every day cares, neither is he too self-conscious to be always self-involved. To wear a smile, it is imperative to keep some channel of mind ‘open’ to be ready to catch the subtle strands of others and one’s own thoughts and actions.

Smile and the world too will smile. A smiling face indicates an affinity, a bond, a link and a companionship of the voyage of life on this floating planet. A smiling face is the cynosure of all eyes. He or she is clustered by friends in office, social circle or wherever they are.

Smile is a mysterious mascot. Its magic speedily spills on to others striking imperceptibly a chord where wavelengths converge and attunement oozes out that has soothing and softening effect. Smile is an apparel of a jovial heart and in its effect, it can be a Midas touch, an alchemy that turns every metal into gold. Smile is the ‘mantra’ for success and bliss.

Smile is an antidote to melancholy. Don’t they say ‘act young and feel young’? So, wear a smile, be happy and let others be happy. It is the only investment that costs you nothing.