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The many loopholes in

india Updated: Nov 12, 2009 00:08 IST

Manu Sharma’s parole

It is disappointing to learn that Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit initially supported Manu Sharma’s parole and later, when the media highlighted the loopholes in the issue, she backtracked (Out on parole, Manu spotted at nightclub, November 10). Serving a life sentence for murdering Jessica Lall, Sharma shouldn’t have been given parole in the first place. While the process of obtaining parole is time-consuming for ordinary criminals, it seems a cakewalk for VIP prisoners like Sharma. The Supreme Court should demand an explanation from the Delhi government on its decision to permit Sharma to leave prison.

Rajinder Katoch, Delhi

Punish the MNS goons

The editorial No longer tongue-tied (Our Take, November 10) rightly states how the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena’s (MNS) Raj Thackeray and his goons are maligning the image of the Marathi manoos, who is expected to be an educated, cultured and law-abiding citizen. By voting for the MNS in the recently- concluded assembly elections, the people of Maharashtra have encouraged him to go against the law and behave unconstitutionally. If the police and the state government do not punish Thackeray for disrupting the assembly proceedings on Monday, it will further bolster his unjustifiable drive against non-Marathis.

Rajendra Kulkarni, via email


The MNS MLAs seem to be out of their minds, for who in his/her right senses would have made a mockery of the constitutional freedom the way they did on Monday? By slapping one of their own colleagues, they have highlighted the high level of sycophancy that exists in the party. All MNS members should be banned from contesting elections. The party’s Marathi manoos agenda is baseless and poses a threat to India’s secularism.

Sachin Kumar, Bihar


It is surprising why the central and state governments are keeping mum over Raj Thackeray’s antics. If the Congress and the Nationalist Congress Party want to work for the welfare of the people of Maharashtra, they should shun their votebank politics and take stern action against MNS activists.

Manmohan Bhatia, Delhi

Making a mockery of heroism

Dilip Simeon, in comparing V.D. Savarkar and Charu Mazumdar, seems to lack vision, wisdom and the common sense required to differentiate a freedom fighter from a terrorist (Maoism’s other side, November 10). It is similar to calling Mahatma Gandhi a terrorist because his struggle for independence led to the murder of thousands of Indians by the British. If every action has a justifiable cause, then terrorists in Pakistan and Kashmir should be absolved of all blame. It is unfortunate that the writer has awarded heroic status to the insurgents who are mercilessly killing innocents.

B.K. Sinha, Varanasi

Turning brothers into enemies

The report China arming India Maoists (November 9) highlights China’s intentions of spreading unrest and terror in North-east India. By arming the Maoists, China is encouraging Indians to fight against their own country. After stirring trouble among Maoists and other communities in Nepal, Beijing is trying to repeat it with India. New Delhi should strengthen its foreign policy and warn China against interfering in India’s internal matters.

Onkar Nath Saxena, Noida