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The moneybag

india Updated: Jul 27, 2008 22:47 IST

I don’t know whether you noticed, but have you seen that man who’s been walking up and down that pathway in front of the Lok Sabha secretariat since Wednesday?

Sure. I gave ten rupees in five two rupee note denominations to him today. Poor chap. He told me that he wasn’t always on the street.

Well, he has been a beggar since Wednesday.

And how did you know that?

I know because till Tuesday afternoon he had a mithai shop. But more importantly, he was the one whose Rs 1 crore the three BJP MPs brought into Parliament on Tuesday.

What! I thought that the money belonged to somebody in the Samajwadi Party who wanted to bribe BJP MPs.

That’s bunkum. The BJP caught on to some racket that the ex-mithai shop owner was running, got a TV channel to conduct a sting operation. The deal was that they would pass on the CD to him only if he lent the BJP Rs 1 crore in Rs 1,000 denominations for one day. He was promised the cash on Wednesday morning.

So didn’t the BJP keep its word?

Oh, they are an honourable bunch and really did plan to return the cash to him the next day. Except nobody had figured that the Lok Sabha Speaker would keep the Rs 1 crore in the Lok Sabha secretariat vault after Tuesday’s hungama.

Oh dear. You mean to say that the money is that beggar’s?


So why doesn’t he go to the police? [Pause] Oh, I just realised how stupid that sounds.

He’s been wiped out and is now unhinged. Since Wednesday, he’s been loitering around the Lok Sabha secretariat hoping to slink in and recover his money.

Hmm. But tell me something, whose bag was it that contained the Rs 1 crore?

What’s that got to do with anything?

Nothing really. It’s just that I miss the good old attaches.

Don’t say: Why can’t the RBI start printing

Rs 10,000 notes to make moneybags less heavy?

Do say: Poor Bangaru Lakshman got into trouble for taking only one wad.