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The perfect reception

The reception area offers the first impression of a business and it should be designed accordingly, says Raman Datta.

india Updated: Aug 25, 2008 10:03 IST
Raman Datta

The reception area offers the first impression of a business: it is the buffer zone between the company and the outside world. This area should reflect the nature of the business, whether it is a waiting room at a doctor’s clinic or the reception of a multi-national company, and should be designed accordingly, giving an overall positive impression to a visitor.

Chi flow in the reception area is important and employees should be able to move quickly through to their work area. Any water features outside the building can be reflected by a mirror in the reception area. The mirror should be positioned to one side of the entrance so that the Chi is not reflected back through the door.

Right location
The reception area is the reception area of a business, so it is ideally located in the northeast corner of the building, as prana flows in from the northeast. The main reception desk should ideally be positioned in the south or west corner of the room, so that the receptionist faces either north or east. The person’s back should be against the wall, while the computer should be kept on the southeast section, or fire corner, of the main reception desk. Visitors should be able to see the reception desk from the entrance. It is important that the receptionist has a comfortable chair and is backed by a solid wall.

Lucky tips
This reception area contains various features to help the flow of Chi:

1. A water feature with a fountain and plants lifts the Chi in the reception area.
2. A well-designed reception desk support the receptionist and is positioned so that he/she is in contact with employees and visitors.
3. Plants help to keep the air fresh and add to the wood energy. Make sure that they are the round leaves, fleshy variety, not sharp or spiky.
4. The round table indicates that energy will spin around this area quickly, suggesting that visitors will not be kept waiting.
5.The company logo opposite the entrance adds prestige to the area.
6. Play harmonious music, as it attracts prosperity and wealth.
7. There should be reading material.
8. Keep the waste basket accessible to all, but place it unobtrusively.

Fish symbolise wealth and often there are nine fish in the tank — eight gold ones and a single black one to soak up any negative energy. Tiny darting fish create an active energy useful in commercial companies, whilst larger, slower-moving species create a calm atmosphere, useful in health practices. A painting of water also stimulates the Chi.

(Raman Datta is a Delhi-based feng shui and vaastu consultant. For appointments, call +91-9810155835)