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The Satsang aura

india Updated: May 19, 2010 23:43 IST
Yash Pal

A moment’s company of the holy is better than hundred years of austerities and sincere devotion. Such is the power of Satsang, which means company or fellowship with Truth, which is God. But this fellowship is achieved only by one-pointed concentration and devotion unto the Lord. Therefore, Satsang may be described as the company of or fellowship with Truth, which is synonymous with the Lord who manifests where the Satguru is and where the true devotees of the Lord assemble.

It is an axiomatic truth that a man is profoundly influenced by the company he keeps. Birds of the same feather flock together. And if any person enjoys the company of such spiritually awakened person/s, a change is bound to occur in him because in such assemblies and Satsangs, noble impulses get activated and noble thoughts energised which form their own sphere of influence and anyone coming within their range starts sharing such thoughts and impulses.

In fact, a spiritual aura surrounds a real master and whosoever comes within this aura, starts experiencing spiritual awakening in accordance with his competence.

If it is true that the possibility of becoming educated lies in joining schools and colleges, if it is true that chances of undergoing treatment can be availed of in hospitals and clinics, if it is true that ocean comprises water droplets in accumulated form and the sand particles in cumulative form make a desert, then this can’t but be true that God resides where the devotees and seekers of the truth assemble because there is an overwhelming abundance of real devotion, noble feeling and aspirations and glowing light of real knowledge.

And the collective consciousness and storehouse of such devotion, love and knowledge is God himself. Love is the manifestation of God. He is the fountain head of love from which love flows in such abundance that the hearts of the devotees are not only filled to the brim but overflow to engulf other individuals and living beings, thereby diverting them to spirituality, experiencing peace.

(Edited extracts from the author’s book Anand Yoga, Volume II)