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The sin of blind faith

india Updated: Sep 14, 2011 23:20 IST
N Kavita Kumar

We all believe in superstition. We consider it a bad omen if somebody sneezes on an auspicious occasion. Similarly, we get worried over the spilling of salt, path being crossed by a cat and vibration in right eye etc. Their influence at times gets so strong that we get restless, putting our mental peace at stake.

Here’s a story which tells how such superstitions actually came into observance.

Once there lived a holy man. He used to conduct prayer services with his disciples every evening. One evening as they were getting ready for service, a black cat happened to come into the hall and create disturbance. So the master asked his men to tie the cat in a corner. The disciples did so and the prayer meeting continued normally.

The next day, one of the disciple who was the chief organiser doing the set-up, remarked to his colleagues, “Hey, there is no black cat around here, yesterday the master had asked us to tie a black cat in the corner.” So they rushed around and found a black cat and tied it in a corner.

It then became a tradition. Years later, the master died and another took his place. This man noticed the black cat and asked what it was doing there during the prayer services. The disciples explained to him that this was the tradition of the great master before him and had to be continued. Many years later, scholars wrote books on the importance of having a black cat tied in the left corner during a prayer service. And thus the tradition of the black cat is on.

That is how we follow superstitions blindly simply because our parents, grand parents, and our great grand parents had obeyed them, because of silly reasons.

So, next time when a black cat crosses your path, don’t worry. Relax, and proceed ahead with a strong faith that nothing will happen to you. God is there to take care of you. It is wise to have faith in Him, not in superstition.