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The spiritual way

india Updated: Jul 18, 2010 23:26 IST

In spiritually, there has always been talk of surrender. But the moment logical, educated minds hear the word 'surrender', they build forts around themselves.

In spirituality, when surrender is used, it means you surrender that which is false. It is just that the very way you have existed up to now, is just a falsehood. What you refer to as yourself right now is simply a collection of identifications that you have taken in your life.

Yet if you sincerely look at your essential self, what have you got to surrender? You have nothing to surrender. Your essential self is that which has always been and that which will always be.

When you destroy the walls of falsehood that you have built, everything becomes one. As long as you and the existence are separated there is no such thing as freedom. Removing false boundaries is what the spiritual process is all about.

For most people, without access to a certain presence that is larger than themselves, their dropping limitations becomes difficult. Dropping identifications that you have carried for a lifetime is like jumping into the void — it is frightening. When you feel a presence that is bigger than yourself, it gives the needed support. It becomes easier to keep yourself aside.

Until you are able to keep yourself aside, there is no possibility of finding the truth. For a person who is seeking liberation, the only way to the truth is the destruction of all walls, That is ultimate freedom. That is meditation. That is liberation.