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The 'Thank You' trick

india Updated: Mar 27, 2012 00:58 IST
PP Wangchuk

All of us want to live a happy and contented life; but do we take steps to achieve that? Hardly! Or else, why is it that most of us are unhappy all the time?

To be happy one need not do great things. One only needs to learn the art of living happily in any situation.

Rhonda Byrne tells us about this 'art' in her latest book, 'The Magic'. In the chapter, 'The Magical Way out of Negativity', the author stresses that negative vibes should have no place in your body system and you should always remind yourself to be thankful for what you have got in life. She wants us all to look for at least 10 things everyday for which we should be happy and grateful.

It should be kept in mind that negative situations arise mostly when there is a lack of gratitude over a period of time. That makes us lose the 'magic' happening in our lives. We take things for granted which is a major cause of negativity because it results in complaining and negative thoughts. How can you be grateful in life when you are complaining all the time. Negativity stays far off when you are grateful because you are in a happy and positive state of mind.

Just look for things to be grateful for even in a negative situation. And recall Walt Disney who had shown us the true magic of life with his movie Pollyana that featured 'The Glad Game'. The Glad Game makes you look for as many things as possible to be glad about under all circumstances.

Nothing new in this, of course. The Buddha had this magic of life when he said, "Let us rise up and be thankful… We got sick, at least we did not die.."

Make sure that every morning and evening you tell your self to repeat 'I am grateful' and 'thank you' as your magical mantras. And you will have done your magical act to be in peace and harmony with all.