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The way to go

india Updated: Jun 24, 2010 01:34 IST

When you see yourself as one with the Source and follow your inner dictates, no matter what you do, there is no sense of right or wrong and therefore there is no guilt or fear. All concepts of right or wrong, guilt and sin are of our own making and based on fear.

No other species subscribes to this criterion. Therefore, one must try and break free from this.

We may commit mistakes, but that is not the same as doing wrong. Come out of this trap of guilt and judgment, right and wrong. There is always a purpose, a deeper meaning to life. Inquire into this purpose and live from that awareness. Understand the universal causes behind the apparent reality you learn how to harness your power to become a creator of your destiny.

Make every effort to eliminate your lower consciousness, thereby eliminating subconsciously conducted lower, self-defeating and harmful acts.

We are not sent to this earth to struggle for satisfying existence, or just fritter aimlessly at the whims of our destiny. The Vedas point out that cessation of all misery is the purpose of human birth. And this can be achieved only through complete liberation of our consciousness. Good and evil, happiness and misery, only exist in the mind of the observer.

The conditioning of the mind is dictated by the manner in which we live. No one on earth can live a self-indulgent, undisciplined, wanton life and hope that this lifestyle will not affect his state of mind, thereby influencing all his perceptions and his circumstances.

Even our subsequent departure from this world is not going to alleviate our distress because the cycle of birth and death are endless. Only self-knowledge can free us from our miseries. And self-knowledge can be achieved by living in the right manner. Very roughly, one can sum up the purpose of life like this : Moral perfection, worldly attainment, fulfillment of legitimate desires and finally liberation.

(Edited extracts from the author’s book Spirituality, A Way of Life, New Age Books)