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The winner’s way

india Updated: Apr 04, 2011 01:11 IST
VN Chhibber

A wise person always lives in awareness of the unity of existence – free from the concept of separateness. Underlying the outer differences is the unity of the spirit. Grief and delusion come as a result of identification with the little self – the body. The moment you look at things subjectively, there is sorrow. View the same thing from a bigger perspective and there is peace and happiness.

In the Gita, Arjuna is a bundle of nerves. He lays down arms and is reluctant to fight. He surrenders to Krishna and seeks counsel. Krishna goads Arjuna to action and adds that the wise grieved neither for the living nor for the dead. He also speaks of the immortality of soul.

Soul, the real you, never dies. All that happens is that you leave behind the body and environs and take birth again. Everything around us changes. One who is equal to joy and sorrow survives.

The world gives a rough and tough ride. It is in perpetual churn. It is a mix of opposites and is unpredictable. In this chaos, your duty is to act. “Life dedicated to duty is life fulfilled”, says the Gita. There is nothing more than a righteous cause.

There is perfection within you. Get rid of your worries and anxieties, apprehensions and fears. Perform duty with single-mindedness, with dedication. Success follows. Work well done gives joy. Action dedicated to a higher ideal is worship. You develop spirituality and function as a trustee.

We are all fighters in the battle of life. We have obligations to render. Do all that you do without attachment. Your right is to action only, not to the fruits thereof.

When you are free from attachment to action and anxiety on its result, then the mind gets calm and the intellect clear and sharp.

It is in such circumstances that success, happiness and spiritual growth follow. You are the captain of your soul. Through meditation, you will transcend delusion and move to His level of divinity and virtue. You are near godhood and rejoice. The unseen hand is felt, grace is upon you.