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There’s no turning back now

india Updated: Feb 15, 2009 22:22 IST

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With reference to the editorial Taking the right step forward (Our Take, February 13), much to our surprise, Pakistan has admitted to many of the allegations made by India with regard to the 26/11 Mumbai attacks. A lot of homework seems to have been done to prove Pakistan’s involvement. But the big question is what will India’s response be to Pakistan’s present move. Will we be able to carry forward the dialogue to a conclusive end where the guilty are brought to justice or is Pakistan’s admission yet another eyewash? Also, we need to make sure that blaming Pakistan isn’t the only solution. We need to ensure no terrorist group breeds on Indian soil.

J.C. Rebello, Bangalore


Pakistan has, at last, admitted that the 26/11 Mumbai attack perpetrators were its nationals. In fact, India is being exploited because of its generous behaviour towards Pakistan. To expect the world to treat you fairly because you are a good nation is like expecting a lion not to attack you because you are a vegetarian. If Pakistan has accepted its involvement in the 26/11 attacks, then India’s reaction must be a measured one. The guilty should pay for the lives that they have destroyed and they must be brought to justice without further delay.

Vishal Kapoor, Amritsar

Competing for survival

Apropos of Pramit Pal Chaudhuri’s article Evolution in the air (Wonk’s World, February 13), we should remember that wealth and prosperity generated by economic growth are linked to both — survival and reproduction. Normally, the knowledge that only the fit shall survive and a competitive spirit will bring out the best in an individual and make him eligible to fight in a competitive economic system is accepted. However, it is pitiable that Darwin’s theory on evolution still continues to rake up so much controversy in so many countries.


A badge of shame

With reference to the report Day of shame (February 11), it is shocking to see the unruly behaviour exhibited by the members of the Uttar Pradesh Assembly. It seems that boycotting the Assembly proceedings, staging a walkout and in-fighting have become fashionable in public life today. Our leaders forget that they have been elected for the state’s development and that they should not act like hooligans. Their antics only delay matters that require urgent attention. They should realise that their battles and useless debates only serve to waste the hard-earned money of the masses.

Bidyut Chatterjee, Faridabad

Make way for the youngsters

In his article Time for a makeover (February 13), Pranjal Sharma has given sound advice to the BJP that building a Ram temple at Ayodhya is not a priority at this juncture. Instead, the party’s focus should be on good governance and reviving the sinking economy. Narendra Modi and Arun Jaitley score well in both the areas. Its time that the party leadership entrusts the administration to its next

generation of leaders. We should follow the examples of progressive nations like the US, Russia, France, Germany, Japan and Britain, which are led by leaders who are in their prime.

R.V. Pathy, Chennai