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Think before you speak

Since Shabana Azmi’s comments on various issues are taken seriously, she should be more responsible about airing her views, instead of joining the ‘rabble-rousers’.

india Updated: Aug 24, 2008 21:43 IST

Think before you speak
Appropos of the report Film folks slam Shabana for Muslim bias comment (August 22), at a time when communal relations are delicate, one would have expected a little circumspection from a popular actor of her stature. If anything, our democracy has been rather benevolent to minorities, often at the expense of the majority. Since Shabana Azmi’s comments on various issues are taken seriously, she should be more responsible about airing her views, instead of joining the ‘rabble-rousers’.
KD Joyal, via email

Apply the law to the law
with reference to the report Court raps top lawyers (August 22), one hopes that the Supreme Court will duly haul up those leaders of the Delhi Bar Association who had called for a strike by advocates. It is time that self-regulatory rights as enshrined in the Advocates Act are taken away from the Bar Councils. Even former Chief Justice P.N. Bhagwati has publicly acknowledged the prevailing corruption in subordinate and higher courts, and serious complaints regarding this are pending in higher courts. But the Congress-led UPA government, guilty of breaching a promise, has no intention of bringing the Judges Regulatory Act in the Lok Sabha to check corruption in the judiciary.
Bhagwat Goel, Gurgaon

The High Court judgement holding top criminal lawyers guilty of contempt of court in the BMW hit-and-run case is welcome. Though every criminal has the right to a defence, the way the obviously guilty get off the hook with the help of unscrupulous lawyers has led a cynical public to believe that justice can be bought. The police, investigating agencies and political pressure have aided this perception. While public outcry has often come to the rescue of the innocent, there is an urgent need to revamp the judicial system.
Bapu Satyanarayana, Mysore

It was a pleasant surprise to learn that the court has punished top lawyers like I.U. Khan and R.K. Anand. Though the Rs 2,000 fine is nothing for them, a four-month ban and the withdrawal of the senior advocate tag might just teach them a lesson or two. Hopefully, it will also send a strong signal to other lawyers who take their positions for granted.
Bal govind, Bareilly

Neighbourhood watch
Pakistan could turn dangerously unstable in the future. The ruling coalition does not have a common political, economic or social agenda, and was united by a shared hatred of Pervez Musharraf. Pakistan’s economy is already doddering with a sharp slide in the currency and growing terrorism, a situation that will only worsen in the absence of a strong leadership. India will have to be more circumspect and vigilant in the light of this growing instability and fundamentalism. It should also be wary of Pakistan’s attempts to rekindle border tensions to divert attention happening within its borders.
Rajendra K Aneja, Dubai

Losing steam on India’s roads
The editorial In high gear, but standing still (Our Take, August 22) has rightly pointed out that the National Highway Development Programme (NHDP) has lost momentum. Most frontline managers and directors are on deputation without a stake in the execution and quality of the work. There is a need for a committed permanent staff at the implementation-level and quality control in supervision. The real problem lies in the mix used for asphalt roads.
Mahapatruni Rama Rao, Gurgaon

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