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This, dear readers, is the last day

india Updated: Dec 30, 2007 22:34 IST

We completely understand that you expect the last day of 2007, that is today, to end with a bang. But the truth of the matter is that tomorrow will look, feel and behave exactly as it does today. This truth is important to take note of despite the jhatka that the Gregorian calendar offers us every year without fail. (Note for vodka drinkers tonight: the Christian Orthodox Church will celebrate its New Year on January 14 according to the Julian calendar, while we will have to wait further for the first of Baishakhi.) And that’s because while we expect things to shimmer on the first day of the year, it just might not.

But let’s occupy ourselves right now with slightly less esoteric matters such as how we intend to pass through the cusp that is 2007 leading to 2008. For a lot of us, it will be spent by being ‘blotto’ so that the sorrow of being a part of something that ends isn’t too tearful. Then there will many of us who, not taking respite in the comfort of mind-altering substances, will celebrate the coming of something better. (Being humans, that illogical option will always be available to us.) Then there will be the vast majority for whom December 31 and January 1 will mean as much as the words ‘So tsa qita’ — Chechen for ‘I don’t understand’ — means for the non-Chechens among us.

So enjoy the changing over of the temporal bedsheet, whether you know it’s happening it or not. Because there is a change, and change can be comforting regardless of what it brings. Wishing all of you a happy New Year a day in advance.

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