Those who act like Ravan destroy themselves: Radhe Maa

  • HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Aug 09, 2015 14:25 IST
Radhe Maa visits Siddhivinayak Temple in Mumbai on Monday. (Vijayanand Gupta/HT Photo)

Godwoman Radhe Maa, at the centre of a controversy since photos depicting her in a miniskirt emerged on the net shortly after she was accused of involvement in a dowry harassment case, fell down and apparently fainted when she was confronted by reporters in Maharashtra.

Footage aired on several news channels showed Kaur falling down and fainting when she came face-to-face with reporters while travelling from Aurangabad to Nanded on Saturday. Kaur, who was wearing her trademark glittery red sari and holding a red rose, avoided all questions from journalists on the recent controversy. After she fainted, she was carried by a follower and placed in a car.

Earlier, the 50-year-old Sukhvinder Kaur, called Param Shradhey Shri Radhe Maa by her devotees, said she had said she has no complaints against anyone.

"I have no complaints against anyone. Those who act like Ravan (evil) destroy themselves," she was quoted as saying by NDTV.

"Satyamev Jayate. Shiv embodies the truth and the truth is beautiful. If any living being dedicates himself to social service, then God ensures his victory.”

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The controversy erupted after photos of Kaur in a red miniskirt with a cap and knee-high boots to match took social media by storm, leading to memes galore.

The photographs showed her lounging on a red sofa and generally hanging out and posing for the camera in what appears to be a mall. Subsequently, a video of her dancing to a Bollywood number also emerged.

This was followed by reports that a woman in Mumbai had complained to police last month that her husband and in-laws were harassing her for dowry after being incited by the guru.

Kaur was booked under provisions of the Indian Penal Code and Dowry Prohibition Act.

A Mumbai-based lawyer also complained to police that Kaur’s “satsangs”, or sacred gatherings, were “obscene” and the guru was “conning” people in the name of religion.

Kaur rejected the accusations made by the married woman in a statement posted on her Facebook page. “The reports are full of inaccuracies, unsubstantiated allegations, and rumours that have no basis in fact,” the post said.

The godwoman will be summoned for questioning next week, Mumbai Police told Hindustan Times on Saturday. She has already been quizzed by police in Aurangabad in connection with the dowry harassment case.

Adding to the woes of Kaur, a lawyer in Bhopal has filed a complaint against her for hurting religious sentiments.

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