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Tilt the glass right

Tilting the glass in the right angle goes a long way to determine the taste of your champagne, says a latest scientific research.

india Updated: Aug 15, 2010 00:16 IST

French researchers claim to have finally worked out the the right way to pour a perfect glass of champagne — just tilt the glass and let the popular wine trickle gently down the side.

Although the “discovery” confirms what experienced bartenders and drinkers have known for centuries, the researchers claim it’s the first time anyone has scientifically proven the correct method for dishing out the bubbly.

Their study also confirms the importance of chilling champagne before serving to enhance its taste. In fact, scientists long have suspected that the act of pouring could have a big impact on gas levels in champagne and its quality. So, the French researchers studied carbon dioxide loss in champagne using two different pouring methods. One involved pouring champagne straight down the middle of a glass. The other involved pouring it down the side of an angled glass.

They found that pouring champagne down the side preserved up to twice as much carbon dioxide — probably because the angled method was gentler, the Daily Mail reported. Lead researcher Gérard Liger-Belair said tiny bubbles are the essence of fine champagnes and sparkling wines.

He said: “Pouring champagne into a glass is far from having no consequences with regard to its dissolved CO2 concentration. The angled, beer-like way of serving champagne was found to impact its concentration of dissolved CO2 significantly less.

“Moreover, low temperatures prolong the drink’s chill and help sit to retain its effervescence.” The findings have been published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.