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Tree house effect

Nature farms is just a three-hour drive from Delhi, so pack an overnight bag and head out to this green resort for a quick jungle experience in a luxury setting, reports Nivriti Butalia.

india Updated: Aug 21, 2009 22:28 IST
Nivriti Butalia

Would you pay Rs 8,000 to stay the night in a tree house? Well, a lot of us would seem to do so. How else does one explain the unseasonal rush at Nature Farms? Home to the aforementioned tree houses, Nature Farms is a three-hour drive from Delhi, on the outskirts of Jaipur. Provided you leave early and head in the right direction, you can afford to stop for breakfast at the McDonald’s in Manesar, lunch at Neemrana and still arrive in time to take photographs of The Tree House Resort in daylight.

Once you turn off the highway, bit by bit, the terrain changes. The desert landscape, dotted with green, is a pleasant surprise. And the quietness of the place could trigger off the Mackenna’s Gold soundtrack in your head. Driving further into the resort, you might spot a Flameback Woodpecker. If you’re luckier still, Eurasian Eagles might pose for you. Whatever your threshold for adventure, know that rabbits and, um, snakes dwell here. There are also ducks and geese. But the realisation of being a city dweller hits you when an ant hill becomes an object you point at and say, “look!” (Unless it’s a snake hill).

Photo by: Sunil Mehta

To know first-hand how silly that feels, booking your stay in advance may be a good idea. Even with only word-of-mouth publicity, plenty of people seem to want a jungle experience in a luxury setting. And calling it luxury isn’t stretching it.

Sample this: rooms are air-conditioned. Mattresses are comfortable. The linen is fresh. And meals are part of the deal. There is also a TV in every room (and a thick tree stump runs right across every room too). Cell phone connectivity is not a problem. And they’re even working on making the entire resort a wi-fi zone. Best of all, the tree houses have attached bathrooms and the drainage is perfectly functional.

Sleek furniture and yellow lighting in the rooms apart, the highlight of your stay has to be the night safari. An open jeep leaves the resort twice daily with people piled in at the back. Everyone is advised to best keep quiet. Silence increases the chances of a sighting, and wild animals are best spotted at either dawn or dusk. In the jungle close to Nature Farms, nilgai, hyenas, deer and even the odd leopard have been caught on film. Vegetation is in abundance and thanks to rainwater harvesting, there’s no shortage of water. The other blessing — with guards constantly on the watch, poaching is unheard of and felling of trees is rare. A caretaker on the farm believes that the animals in the jungle are a happy, protected lot.

With boating, billiards, duck ponds and tennis courts coming up, there is enough to do at Nature Farms. And if all you want to do is read a book on a tree, the place is ideal still.