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Trial by terror

india Updated: Aug 27, 2007 23:46 IST

On the eve of Raksha Bandhan, the country’s peace has been disturbed by the blasts in Hyderabad. The nation must once again emerge as a single entity in condemning these acts and renew the pledge to safeguard communal harmony. It is imperative for the government to investigate the incident and ensure that the culprits do not go unpunished.

MK Sherwani, Lucknow


Once again, the terrorists have shown their cowardice by killing innocent people in Hyderabad. We must feel that we are Indians first instead of belonging to one or other religion. People should avoid crowded places. All parks, cinema halls etc., should have checkpoints to screen people. The police should be far more vigilant than they have been so far.

N Anil Kumar, Hyderabad


The blasts in Hyderabad have shown how weak our government is. It does nothing concrete even though it is well-known that Pakistan is behind these attacks. It is a fact that the UPA will never be able to flush out anti-national elements. On the contrary, it will import them officially through the friendly bus and rail services in the name of the fruitless "peace process".

Hansraj Bhat, Mumbai

Pointless slugfest

Prem Shankar Jha in Left with megawhats? (August 24) has put matters into the right perspective. If every decision is to undergo a trial by the media with the opposition playing applicant and the government respondent, we are indeed making the country weak. It is an unfortunate reflection that truth, justice and decorum are no longer relevant to our Parliamentarians. Agreeing to disagree politely has given way to open rudeness, physical attacks and mob fury everywhere. That is a shame.

Sreelata Menon, Allahabad

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