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Triple talaq in one go worst form of divorce: scholars

india Updated: Sep 21, 2014 21:09 IST
Pradeep Saxena

Concerned over the increasing divorce rate among Muslims, the ulema and scholars in the community have launched a sustainable movement to eradicate the practice of ‘triple talaq’.

Most of them have termed the ‘triple talaq’ in one sitting as the worst form of divorce allowed in Quran and Sharia.

Discussing the issue, Aligarh city mufti, Khalid Hameed said: “Both types of talaq -- pronouncing talaq thrice at a time and saying talaq after a gap of one month -- are permissible in Quran. But it must be understood that according to all customs and laws, Hanafi, Shafai, Maliki and Hambali, the best and supreme way is to pronounce talaq after a gap of one month thrice. It means the talaq process will complete in three months. The motive is that within this period the dispute between husband and wife may be resolved and the marriage is saved.”

Triple talaq in one sitting is permissible, but it is the worst form of divorce, he added.

Scholars at the AMU believe that the process and system prescribed in the Quran is ultimate and it should not be diluted nor twisted. If anybody is trying to do that, then he or she is working against Islam.

They are of the view that first Muslims should try to avoid it. In case of unavoidable circumstances, they can divorce their wives. But according to prescribed process of Quran, the couple must have a particular period of reconciliation and thus Quran has sanctioned the best form -- pronouncing it once in each month spanned over three months, they opined.

Shakil Samdani, president, Sir Syed Awareness Forum, says, “Due to the prevalent procedure of talaq in India, Muslim women are suffering in more than one ways. This should be contained or stopped by ulema. Muslims should follow procedures prescribed in Quran keeping in mind that the permission of divorcing wife is the most detestable of all permissible things and they should adopt all channels of reconciliation before divorcing wife.”

However, chairman of theology department in AMU, Mufti Zahid Ali Khan said: “The triple talaq pronounced at one time has no sanction in Islam.”

Maulana Yusuf, principal of Madarsa Lutfiya Aligarh, said: “Muslims should avoid talaq as it does not please Allah. But if anyone is divorcing his wife, he should treat her in a gentle way and pronounce talaq once and must wait for a month, then again do the same. And if matter cannot be resolved still, then the third talaq pronouncement should be made.”

N Jamal Ansari, social & political analyst, opined: “The wish of Allah is that we keep our womenfolk well, deal with them in a gentle manner and treat them as equals. Pronouncing talaq thrice at one time without any consideration or giving any time to the wife is not only against Islamic Sharia, but also seems to be cruel. It must end.”

Of late, there has been a lot of concern over the rising divorce rate among Muslims and perhaps due to this, the Allahabad Socio Literary Research Foundation held a conference on the issue recently at Allahabad, where scholars and clerics opined that there should be a gap of one month between the first and second talaq, so that the wife may have an opportunity to express her views before the elders in the society.