Tweeples troll Chetan Bhagat for 'stereotyping' Modi bhakts

  • HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Jul 12, 2015 02:06 IST

A recent article by Chetan Bhagat in a national daily has landed the bestselling author in trouble. Known for his frequent off-the-guard statements that put him in a spot, Bhagat wrote an opinion piece on Narendra Modi loyalists and termed them "sexually frustrated" owing to their inability to "woo" women with their flawed English.

The article, which hits out at social media users with right-wing leanings and shows them as blind followers of a philosophy that they don't completely understand, has triggered outrage. Bhagat is facing flak for stereotyping a section of society that, in the author's words, is not exposed to the effects of "globalisation".

Not surprisingly then, when the author tweeted his article, he was trolled on Twitter by users who felt that he could have avoided the emphasis on "stereotyping".

Some, however, praised the author's efforts to take a dig at Hindu nationalists.

But, what triggered a major backlash against Bhagat was the "stereotyping" of Modi loyalists as inferior "complex ridden Indian" males who are "sexually frustrated" and "ashamed" of their background with a poor command over the English language.

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