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Unhappy with scientific funding, CNR Rao calls politicians ‘idiots’

  • PTI, Bangalore
  • Updated: Nov 18, 2013 11:06 IST

Bharat Ratna awardee and eminent scientist CNR Rao on Sunday in a fit of rage called politicians idiots for giving inadequate funding to the scientific community.

“Why the hell these idiots, these politicians have given so little for us. Despite that, we scientists have done something,” Rao said, losing his cool at a press conference.

Rao, who is the chairman of Prime Minister’s Scientific Advisory Council, stressed on the need for providing more resources for research a day after the Bharat Ratna award was announced.

“For the money that government has given to scientific sector, we have done much more,” he said when a reporter asked what he felt about the standard of the scientific research in the country.

“Our investments are marginal, come late.... for that money we have got, we have performed. For the money we have been getting it is not bad at all, after all this kind of money is nothing.”

Asked about progress China was making, the scientist said that, “We also have to take blame on ourselves. Indians, we don't work hard, we are not like Chinese. We are easygoing and we are not as much nationalists... If we get some more money we are ready to go abroad.”

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