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Viva Chavez!

india Updated: Dec 07, 2006 06:19 IST
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This refers to your editorial on the landslide victory of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez (Money for nothing, Chavez for free, December 6). With his charismatic personality, vision and energy, Chavez is capable of replacing Cuba’s ailing Fidel Castro. A strong leader is required to stand up to the arrogance of the US. Chavez should prove to the world, more so to the US, that it is the people’s will that matters and not muscle power.

KP Rajan

Welcome Wal-Mart

Wal-mart, Woolworths and JC Penny are on their way to India. Our retail businesses are notorious for fake goods, short-changing customers, varying prices and poor quality.  With the arrival of giants like Wal-Mart, small retailers too will have to shape up. No tourist has ever gone to a communist country for shopping. Hence the communists’ objections should be dismissed.

M Krishnamachary

Musharraf ruse

The report about Pakistan willing to give up its claims for plebiscite in Kashmir is just a ruse to confuse issues. POK was never part of Pakistan. Can we ever trust Musharraf for a peace deal?

S Hariharan
via email

China’s claim

'Perfidy re-incarnate' (December 5) by AG Noorani is a well-chronicled article. But his anger against the BJP isn’t justified. Right from Hindi-Chini bhai bhai times up to Pranab Mukherjee, ministers have refuted China’s claims. It is another matter that not an inch has moved on the ground.

Kalyani Mani
via email

Justice done

With reference to Life for taking Life (December 06), the judgment is a landmark decision for India. Shibu Soren is the first union minister to be given life sentence. This decision will serve as a lesson for so many other criminal politicians.

Bal Govind

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