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Voices in the wilderness

If VP Singh could extend reservation for OBCs based on the Mandal Commission report, what stops the government from helping the tribals of Assam?

india Updated: Dec 08, 2007 03:39 IST

Voices in the wilderness

Sanjoy Hazarika in Assam, an Indian tragedy (December 1) is right that some of the tribes like the Meenas of Rajasthan got away with concessions at the beginning of our democracy. But the tribals of Assam and Gujjars of Rajasthan were not so lucky. Now our mature democracy should include some more in the SC/ST category. If VP Singh could extend reservation for OBCs based on the Mandal Commission report, what stops the government from helping the tribals of Assam?

Shrikant Jaimini, via e-mail

The demand for ST status to the adivasis was started in 1958 with the help of the Adivasi Council. Adivasis consist almost 40 per cent of the Assamese population and contribute a lot to its economy. Is torturing them on the streets of Guwahati the way to respect them?
Probin Topno, via e-mail

Sanjoy Hazarika rightly says that if Meenas could get ST status, why not the tribes of Assam? It appears the government simply extends lip service, announcing relief to the families of the deceased to maintain peace for the time being. Bureaucratic delays defeat this.
GK Arora, Delhi

As security analysts and media pundits keep pointing out, Islamic radicalisation in the soft under-belly of Assam and the borders with Bangladesh is dangerous. The government has an opportunity to redeem the past by giving the tribals in Assam recognition that is their due, for living in tea estates.
M Sampathkumar, via e-mail

Boss always right
Apropos of Rajdeep Sardesai’s All hail the party-pooper (December 7), Narendra Modi’s confession of extra-judicial killings of Sohrabuddin and his wife is alarming and negates the very existence of the State. The BJP should not only expel Modi from the party, but also demand legal action against him.
Ved Guliani, Hissar

Rajdeep Sardesai aptly calls the BJP’s functioning style in Gujarat ‘a CEO’. In the forthcoming election, the BJP as a party has little significance, having left it all to the CEO, Narendra Modi. Although a 10 per cent minority population doesn’t have any significance to Modi, it is significant for the unity of the country.
Manik Chandra Tiwari, Delhi

Parents don’t preach
Apropos of the report Three months jail for abandoning elderly parents (December 7), the law enacted by Parliament is unfortunate.Our children are what we make of them. Going to court against their own children will be painful for parents and add to their suffering. In some cases, the parents may actually be at fault and misuse this law.
PP Singh Chadha, via e-mail

Wearing dark glasses
This has reference to the editorial Maligned in Malaysia (December 4). During my short stint in Kuala Lumpur, it was evident that ethnic Indians are subjected to discrimination like second-class citizens. In the Malay mind, Indians are dark-skinned and like South Africa, Malaysia, too, practises apartheid. Malaysia acquired the veneer of a first world country while denouncing ethnic cleansing. Malaysians would be forced to introspect if we boycott tourism to that country.
Naveen Sood, via e-mail

Uphold the law
This refers to the editorial Pox populi (December 6). Whatever happened in West Bengal and Gujarat is a matter of concern. Though Buddha made amends by apologising for his remarks in respect of Nandigram earlier, Modi continues
to glorify his actions leading to the encounter killing of a so-called terrorist.
SK Gupta, via e-mail

Finally, Narendra Modi has admitted that he killed Sohrabuddin because he was a terrorist. But Modi must justify the killing of his wife Kauser Bi as well. He is already guilty of killing 2,000 innocent people in Gujarat. Now he is taking the judiciary for granted. That is a dangerous precedent for our democracy.
Ashrafullah Khan, via e-mail

Stop the outrages
The reports Buddha admits failure in Nandigram (Dec 5) and Hate again: Modi says Cong insulted Gujarat Hindus (Dec. 6) are disturbing. Do these two CMs know that because of their acts of omission and commission people have suffered so much? If a terrorist kills one innocent person, the whole nation feels enraged. Then why should we allow Buddha and Modi to remain free?
VK Marwah, Delhi

Infliction on young minds
Ragini Gautam’s write-up Mummy, why is Dumbledore gay? (December 5) on the social harm inflicted by the media’s new-found love for gays deserves attention. Some TV channels and newspapers defend these oddities and try to bring them out of the closet. We must spare young minds and allow them the joys of childhood instead of making them adults prematurely.
VT Joshi, Bhopal