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india Updated: Aug 12, 2013 22:49 IST

The government should not amend the Right to Information Act
It is heartening to see that there are some politicians who are not in favour of amending the Right to Information Act (35 MPs want political parties in RTI ambit, August 12).

The new amendment seeks to keep political parties out of the purview of the RTI. Political parties are public organisations and so they are accountable to the people when it comes to their resources and functioning.

It is absurd that the UPA, which takes the credit for passing the Act, is now trying to shield political parties. This goes against the fundamental tenets of transparency and accountability.

Taposh Bhattacharya, Bhopal

Peace is a two-way street
With reference to Vikram Sood's article No lunch in Lahore yet (August 12), the author correctly says that the road to peace with India lies through Rawalpindi and the jihadi headquarters and not via Islamabad.

New Delhi should not offer an olive branch to Pakistan at this point of time because the latter has violated the border ceasefire agreement more than five times in the last three days.

It's ironical that Paklistan's Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is calling for peace while his country has done little to respect the agreement. Peace is a two-way street and it is high time Sharif realised this.

MC Joshi, Lucknow

The US must focus on its economy
With reference to the editorial The bear's lost its claws (August 12), America's supremacy is on the verge of collapse as the world is recognising the strength of mid-sized economies.

Despite the fact that the United States and Russia are not 'equals', it was courageous of Moscow to grant asylum to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. Instead of dictating other nations and interfering in their internal matters, the US must focus on improving its economic situation.

Ariz Z Haider, Mirzapur