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Vox pop

india Updated: Feb 04, 2013 21:53 IST
Hindustan Times
e-governance applications

A multi-purpose single card can save taxpayers' money
It is ludicrous that the government has now come up with a multi-purpose Resident Identity Card for e-governance applications (Coming up: Smart ID cards minus queues, January 30). A single card for all purposes, including voting, accessing government entitlements and tax payments, would have been much better. Besides guaranteeing identity, the Unique Identification card's (Aadhaar) use could have been diversified. Instead of wasting taxpayers' money on these multiple cards, it's time the government focussed on issues that matter to the common man like corruption, rising prices, better safety for women, etc.
Gautam Chandra, via email

A case of misplaced sympathy
With reference to Vinod Sharma's article Not a minor matter (February 1), Pakistan's interior minister Rehman Malik, who suffers from an acute foot-in-mouth syndrome, should worry over the plight of citizens in his country rather than the Muslims in India. Home to world's second-largest Muslim population after Indonesia, India is a land of equal opportunity and people from diverse religions enjoy equal rights in letter and spirit. Instead of sympathising with Indian Muslims, he must do something for Pakistan's minorities who live in fear of abduction and forced marriages.
Azhar A Khan, Lucknow

The Lokpal Bill is an eyewash
With reference to the editorial The right step forward (February 1), by not providing autonomy to the Central Bureau of Investigation and not making the process of appointment of the Lokpal free from government control, the Congress government is rendering the anti-corruption watchdog ineffective and weak. The government doesn't seem to be serious about its commitment to free this country from corruption and the bill is merely an eyewash.
MC Joshi, Lucknow