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Vox pop

india Updated: Jan 12, 2011 23:25 IST
Hindustan Times

Splashing cash IPL-style while many people are sinking
With reference to the editorial Auction replay (The Pundit, January 11), the current auction for the IPL-4 season is a show of money in a country reeling under runaway food inflation and where a large section of the population lives below the poverty line. This show is out of tune with the country’s reality. The audience in India and around the world need to realise that all the money paid to the players will be recovered by the corporates by increasing the prices of essential products.
S Kamat, Goa

State ruled by fear
This refers to Mehmal Sarfraz's article Speak to survive (January 10). Punjab governor Salman Taseer's opposition to Pakistan's draconian blasphemy law cost him his life. What is more shocking is that Pakistanis celebrated and supported it, asking people not to turn up at Taseer's funeral. The Pakistani government should not remain a mute spectator but firmly deal with the religious fundamentalists who pose a grave threat to its existence, peace and stability.
Khan Safar, Mumbai

Salman Taseer was a moderate, opposed to his country's draconian laws and was assassinated for that reason. Pakistan has a violent history, its politics marked by uncertainty and fragile civilian governments. It has mostly been under military dictatorships and martial law. Human rights, freedom and dignity have always been trampled under army boots.
Shaikh Faizan, Ahmedabad

Playing with fire in Andhra
With reference to Pankaj Vohra's article In a state over a state in Andhra (Between Us, January 10), the problem in Andhra Pradesh over the Telangana issue is the creation of the Congress for its own selfish ends. If the party has to remain relevant, it cannot afford to play around with the people of Andhra. Telangana is a reality and has to be accepted. The Congress's failure to manage Andhra might have devastating repercussions in the state and at the Centre.
Manohar Lal Yadav, Alwar

Public money for the public
This refers to the report India's triumphs and challenges (January 10). World Bank president Robert Zoellick has rightly pointed out that the greatest challenge before India is ensuring proper spending of public money. Scams take place because of lack of efficiency and transparency in the government, lack of monitoring and failure of institutions either by neglect or by design. He has rightly underlined the problems India faces like food security, food prices, quality inclusive education for all, service delivery and potable water and electricity in villages.
MC Joshi, Lucknow

The sweet sound of silence
The report No scam, no loss in 2G sale: Sibal (January 9) about dismissing the contents of the CAG report on the 2G spectrum allocation is annoying. Kapil Sibal is doing what Indian politicians do in such circumstances. His comments will add to the problems of the UPA. He should have learnt a lesson from the Prime Minister about the importance of remaining silent during times of crisis. Sibal must use his aggression to help his party recover from this crisis.
Deepjot Thukral, Ambala

No communal politics on terror
With reference to the editorial Coloured by politics (Our Take, January 7), the Congress leaders must desist from communal politics as it can play havoc with the secular fabric of our nation. If Digvijaya Singh and Rahul Gandhi feel that saffron groups are a threat to the nation's security, they should approach the Election Commission to impose a ban on them.
Shambhavi Sharma, Delhi