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  • Updated: Aug 21, 2013 23:43 IST

It’s time to name and shame Pakistan internationally
The arrest of Syed Abdul Karim alias Tunda, a suspected Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist accused of masterminding the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts, is a commendable achievement (20-year trail led to prized catch, August 18) . His revelation that he took orders from an ISI functionary suggests that Pakistan’s intelligence agency has links with terror outfits — a claim that India has been making for decades. However, there’s no point in rushing into a dialogue with Pakistan and confronting it with fresh proof as Islamabad will refute New Delhi’s claims as it has done in the past. It is time India took up the issues of terrorism and repeated ceasefire violations at the border in International Court of Justice. Kamala Kumari, via email

Know where to draw the line
This refers to Jayanto’s cartoon (Tooning in, August 18). The cartoon depicting LeT terrorist Syed Abdul Karim alias Tunda, with a long beard that ends with a bomb, is in bad taste. Many religions, including Islam and Sikhism, require their men to grow beards and thus making a mockery of the beard is not justified.
MA Haque, Gurgaon

Red alert for Mamatadi
With reference to the editorial Beacon of blight (August 19), the West Bengal government’s suggestion to ban red beacons in favour of green or blue ones is just going to earn chief minster Mamata Banerjee ridicule. It is appalling that a chief minister whose state tops the chart in crimes against women is concentrating on such non-issues. From mimicking Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on a news channel to branding anyone Maoist, she has always been in the news for the wrong reasons. Her state hardly has any achievements to show. Mercurial Mamata must stop seeing red over frivolous matters and get down to the job for which she has been elected.
Vijai Pant, via email

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