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india Updated: Mar 13, 2013 21:15 IST
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It is clear that Shahbag could reconcile Islam and democracy
With reference to Suhasini Haidar's When memories can be unforgiving (March 11), I would like to congratulate the author for writing such a well argued article. To the western media, a Muslim population demanding secularism is an oxymoron, an indigestible reality.

For them, such a fact is contradictory to the popular media portrayal of Muslims. The Indian government and media must not turn a blind eye to Shahbag, which is probably the first mass uprising to reject Islamic extremism - something that India claims to stand for. This movement could well serve as a perfect example of how to reconcile Islam with democracy.
Sarker Anik Iqbal, via email

Haidar is right. Shahbag is definitely not Tahrir. The protesters were not trying to bring down any dictator; they just wanted to remodel Bangladesh so that people like Taslima Nasreen can stay there with dignity and honour. However, what was upsetting for the people of the country is how the Indian government, the media and civil society kept mum on the protests.
MKB, via email

Repealing AFSPA would be a folly
This is with reference to Sanjoy Hazarika's article It is just not just (March 11). There is nothing wrong with the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFSPA) which has been enforced in certain states to protect the sovereignty of the country.

The Supreme Court issued comprehensive instructions for the armed forces pertaining to the implementation of the Act and the armed forces must strictly follow the dos and don'ts. As long as Pakistan continues to support terror activities in India, there is no way the government can withdraw AFSPA from Kashmir.
SC Vaid, via email

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