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Wanna get some birthday insight...

What kind of birthday person are you? Hugely excited, sad, confused and also those in denial? It’s like figuring out what kind of ‘drunk’ your friends are! Priyanka Chopra writes...

india Updated: Jul 17, 2009 15:21 IST
Priyanka Chopra column

"What kind of birthday person are you?" It’s a simple question which surprisingly not many can answer. Let me explain.

I am simply asking for you to describe the kind of person you become at these times — 1) a week before your birthday 2) the eve of your birthday and 3) and most importantly, on the day itself. Reason... it’s really strange, but I do believe that people have a ‘birthday personality’.

There are many kinds — hugely excited, sad, confused and also those in denial! It’s like figuring out what kind of ‘drunk’ your friends are! Not to sound rude but don’t we all know which person in the group is likely to pass out after a night of partying, or the one who’ll weep through the evening about issues you’ve never heard before… it’s crucial information… admit it! It can make or break an evening of fun!

Similarly, it’s important to understand what kind of ‘birthday person’ your friends and family are, mainly because it’ll allow you to make their birthday what they want it to be.

For instance, if it’s an excited “hey-it’s-my-birthday’ kind, be warned… you’d better be ready with well thought out birthday plans and gifts, because you’ll completely ruin their mood if it’s not up to their expectations! If they are the confused kind then be warned even more because you’ll feel like you’re being dragged down a mountain, with just your socks on for protection… aarrgghh.

The easiest of the lot to deal with are those in denial (who wants to be a year older is their theory)… so even if you forget their birthday… they won’t be upset!!

My li’l bro celebrated his birthday over the weekend and we had one hell of a party. He’s an “It’s my birthday… let’s party” kind of guy; which is loads of fun. I’m sort of an in-between, needy yet shy personality when it comes to my birthday. I’m excited but I’ll never do something for myself. However, I expect the people that I love to do something cool and surprise me with it. BUT, I won’t ever give them even a hint of what I want (except maybe writing about it in my column in a national newspaper… hmmm) and then I’ll feel really bad and let down if nothing happens. Eeeks… that sounds scary.

I’ve had a super week on the sets of Pyaar Impossible. We’ve worked on some tough scenes and some easy ones, but overall the mood has been fab. It’s one of those situations of life that make you feel so alive.

Looking forward to the weekend. I’ve got two days off for my birthday...Yay (hopefully someone’s planned something for me… hint, hint)! I have no plans in particular… just me being happy around people who love me for being me!!

Keep the mails and tweets coming in guys. Reading it has become my favourite activity!