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Watch your grip

india Updated: Sep 10, 2009 23:58 IST
Aakash Chopra

Where do you hold the bat from?

Ideally, one should hold the bat from the middle of the handle with both hands quite close to each other. The top hand (left hand for the right-handed batsman and right for the left-handed) should hold the bat firmly, while the bottom hand should just support, not squeeze, the handle.

The ‘V’

The ‘V’, formed by the index finger and the thumb of the top hand, should be directly over the corresponding ‘V’ formed by the index finger and the thumb of the bottom hand.

The line of these ‘Vs’ arrowhead should be between the splice of the bat and the bat’s outer edge.

While standing in the stance, the bat should rest against the inside of the front thigh and the back of the top hand should face somewhere between mid-off and extra-cover.


One might wonder why and how a Gilchrist, who holds the bat from the top of the handle is equally successful as a Jayasuriya, who holds it right from the bottom of the handle. So which one holds the bat correctly?

Well, both do in terms of the positioning of their hands (close to each other and the Vs’ in line), but they have changed the placing of their hands to suit their style of batting. While Gilchrist is a top hand dominated player and relies on the extension of his arms, Jayasuriya is a bottom hand dominated player relying on short arm jabs.

Both these styles, though, have their respective shortcomings. While holding a bat right from the top reduces control on it, holding it from the bottom reduces the arc of the bat considerably in the downswing.