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Weird guest requests at luxury hotels!

Asking for sheets with holes, to lower down the volume of the sea, or filling the bath-tub with ice-these are just some of the most bizarre guest requests that they have received!

india Updated: Jul 20, 2009 19:34 IST

Asking for sheets with holes, to lower down the volume of the sea, or filling the bath-tub with ice-these are just some of the most bizarre guest requests luxury hotels around the world have dealt with.

The Great Hotels of the World, a group of five star hotels and resorts around the globe, released a list of the most extravagant and unusual guest requests they have experienced as part of their 91 Days of Summer campaign, reports The Courier Mail.

And based on the list, has compiled a selection of the 10 strangest requests.

Some of the strangest requests are:

1. A bed that's ''too high''
This VIP guest thought his bed at Hotel Puente Romano, also in Spain, was too high so requested that the feet be cut off in order to make it a more comfortable height. Unfortunately for him, hotel staff didn''t agree.

2. Holey sheets
A well-known US singer requested that three holes were made in Portugal''s Dom Pedro Palace''s bed sheets before she slept in them.

3. Desire to bury dogs in the garden
The Swiss Beau-Rivage Palace has an animal cemetery in the hotel gardens dating back to 1861. Some guests visiting the hotel have asked if it''s possible to bury their dog in this cemetery when their time comes. The cemetery is no longer used these days so hotel staff had to refuse.

4. The sea is too loud

A very demanding guest found the sound of the sea so irritating he actually asked Spain''s Gran Hotel Elba Estepona & Thalasso Spa hotel staff if they could stop it.

5. Milky bath
This Premier Palace, Ukraine, guest requested that his bath be filled with milk, not from any bottles but from glass bottles in particular. After several hours of milk-buying, his request was finally fulfilled.

6. Very specific sun angle
A very demanding guest requested a room where the sun sets at an angle of precisely 45 degrees to the right of the room window at Honeymoon Petra Villas in Greece.

7. Sea-water to go
A distinguished guest asked for a bucket of sea-water to be delivered to his room at the Hotel Splendid Conference & Spa Resort, Montenegro.

8. It's too hot
One guest at Villa Padierna Thermas de Carratraca in Malaga, Spain complained he was so hot, he demanded that the temperature of the room to be lowered to sub-zero temperatures just so he could cool off.

9. Fill the bath up with ice
This Kairaba Beach Hotel, Africa, guest was so desperate to cool down that he requested the bath be filled to the brim with ice.

10. Bungee jumping off the top of the hotel
A lot of people like to visit the top floor of a luxury hotel to take in a breath of fresh air and enjoy the fantastic views. This guest did just that. But unlike most people, this daredevil then flung himself off the top of the Hotel Barcelona Princess attached to nothing but an elastic band.