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What's in the tarot cards for you

Wanna know what's in store for you this Diwali. Dr Seema Midha, deciphers the story of your future from the mystical language of Tarot Cards.

india Updated: Oct 16, 2009 18:27 IST

Wanna know what's in store for you this Diwali. Dr Seema Midha, deciphers the story of your future from the mystical language of Tarot Cards.

Aries (20 March-19 April)
Health: Health issues need your attention. You should take out some time for your health and should be cautious during the festive season. Try and avoid overdoing on the diet and effort front.
Finances: Prosperity is waiting for you. All the investments bring you good luck. A lot of financial gains are in store for you and you can expect fantastic return on all your investments.
General: All the time and efforts you are putting in your tasks will be rewarded after Diwali and you will earn a nice livelihood after Diwali.
Relationships: Your relationships are good and energetic. There is passion in your relationships and you are all set to earn importance, happiness and satisfaction in your relationships.
Remedy: You should do meditation and morning walk to maintain good health.

Taurus (20 April-19 May)
Health: You will be keeping good health and you will be able to maintain it after Diwali as well. Finances: You need to concentrate on your budget and also on the money inflow and out-flow. Don't spend too much and don't burden your pocket with unnecessary expenses.
General: Avoid over-commitments and try to behave maturely.
Relationships: On the relationship front you are having a nice run but you need to spend more time, money and energy on your relationships to enjoy them at their best.
Remedy: Time management is required to solve the issues and you also need to maintain your budget.

Gemini (20 May-20 June)
Health: There are fluctuations on the health front and it requires your attention. Due to the change in weather, you may suffer with some allergies. To maintain sound health, you need to ensure proper sleep and a balanced diet.
Finances: You are not enjoying what you are getting or having. This festive season you must try to enjoy all the colours of life, to make it beautiful. Spend money on yourself and others to enjoy the bliss of festivity.
General: You always create doubts in your mind after listening to other people. It is suggested that you take your own decisions and be determined on their correctness. Relationships: You will be getting a lot of support and love from your loved ones and partner in particular. The festive fun will continue even after Diwali.
Remedy: Try to do some shopping and spend on others, buy some gifts for your love ones because this will give you a sense of satisfaction and happiness.

Cancer (21 June-21 July)
Health: Due to over occupancy at work, you might have to suffer on the health front. Pay attention to your health issues and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Finances: After this festive season you will be like a king/queen. Whatever you want to achieve will be at your feet. There are money gains in store from all sides.
General: You are creative, talented and capable. After Diwali give some time to yourself and do things which will fulfil your inborn quest for happiness.
Relationship: Due to work pressure you are not able to give time to your loved ones. Once this season is off try to involve yourself with them.
Remedy: Take a break, plan a holiday outing and give time to your loved ones.

Leo (22 July - 21 August)
Health: You are in perfect health and quite happy with your way of being. Keep on enjoying this phase which will add sheen to the festivity.
Finances: Money and finances are under dark clouds. Concentrate on your finances, expenditure and money sources. Give more importance to your work for ensuring a smooth flow of money.
General: Putting your efforts in one direction will not give you any profit. You should start thinking about things which will help you in strengthening your money sources.
Relationships: On this front you are weak and need to work on relationships. Fulfil your duties and commitments as it will prove to be a great help in the improvement of your relationships.
Remedy: You have to take intelligent actions both at personal and professional front. Rejuvenate your relationships. Gift a pair of love birds to your partner.

Virgo (22 Aug. - 20 Sept.)
Health: You have good health because you are amidst security, happiness and positive environment.
Finances: You are having a smooth flow of money and you are reciprocating accordingly by spending it. Try to maintain this balance and even after Diwali you may continue to gain from different avenues.
General: Don’t think too much and take quick yet well thought of actions. Invest your money and be action oriented. Try to grab the opportunity in your ways.
Relationship: You were able to resolve all the differences that may have come in the past. You can look forward to see relief and restoration of peace. Try and share your feelings with others.
Remedy: Maintain status quo as far as your attitude is concerned and things will be just fine if you maintain sensitivity towards others.

Libra (21 Sep. - 22 Oct.)
Health: You are enjoying perfect health. Mentally and emotionally you are absolutely fit. You are surrounded by angelic energies, lot of happiness, strength and positive aura.
Finances: You are able to handle and manage big financial decisions of your life.
General: Opportunities are knocking on your door and you need to welcome those opportunities.
Relationship: You can easily win other's hearts and when it comes to relationships you are a winner. You use brain and heart so you can easily gain in relationships.
Remedy: Believe in others and yourself. Don't have doubts on others especially.

Scorpio (23 Oct. - 21 Nov.)
Health: You are in a perfect state because you are using your energies in the right direction. This state will continue through the festivity.
Finances: Don't dishearten yourself with past losses. Think about future growth and try utilising your energy to gain more wealth. General: You are satisfied with whatever you have and you maintain an amicable environment for you and your loved ones.
Relationships: You are in a good position and try to maintain the balance in your life. Right now all relationships are in a positive state.
Remedy: Don't stick to your past because one has to move on in life.

Sagittarius (22 Nov. - 22 Dec.)
Health: On the health front you are fine but in future you need to take care of your health. Don't indulge yourself into some addiction.
Finances: You are moving towards progress which is related to your finances. You need to leave your materialistic approach towards life.
General: Somebody around you may ditch you. Don't trust people blindly and be careful in your relationships.
Relationships: You have closed the options for new relationships. Try to accept the changes and open you mind for new avenues.
Remedy: Don't over-trust people. Be aware and keep a check on things.

Capricorn (23 Dec. - 19 Jan.)
Health: Due to the persisting unhappiness, your health may get affected. Don't get into arguments with people who don't respect you.
Finances: Use your brain in finances. Be calculative and maintain a budget to avoid unnecessary expenses.
General: Use your ideas and brain in a constructive manner. You need to get a little practical and try to utilise your knowledge.
Relationships: You are happy with your relationships at present and you will have a nice time after Diwali as well.
Remedy: Don't help people unless it is really required as people might take you for granted.

Aquarius (20 Jan. - 18 Feb.)
Health: You are energetic, excited and enthusiastic towards life. This will continue after Diwali.
Finances: Money inflow is good and your dreams will turn into reality. After Diwali you will get results from your investments.
General: You are enjoying your life at its best. Since there is clarity in your thoughts, you can make straight forward choices. There is material comfort, physical well being and possessions of wealth.
Relationship: You are not giving time to your relationships and you need to make sincere efforts for your relationships. Remedy: Maintain faith in your own ability and behave maturely. Give respect and space to your loved ones.

Pisces (19 Feb. - 19 March)
Health: Tensions related to property, ego problems and anger can cause harm to your health.
Finances: You are not using your assets to your benefit and it is recommended that you pay great attention to this aspect. General: Your ideas are not clicking right now. Share and communicate with people around you to understand fresh perspectives and ideas.
Relationships: After Diwali you may experience a good time in relationships.
Remedy: Have faith in God. Maintain positive attitude towards life. Diwali and the Tarot cards As festivity hits the pinnacle, here is a snapshot of what destiny has in store for you and your loved ones this Diwali.

Dr Seema Midha, deciphers the story of your future from the mystical language of Tarot Cards. Hindustan Times Media Marketing Initiative