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What would you do if you heard a woman being raped?

What do you do if you hear someone being raped? Do you try to stop it or call the cops? Or is it safer simply to walk away? A social experiment tries to find out. Watch the YouTube video to see how people react to violence against women.

india Updated: Jun 07, 2014 20:14 IST
Durga M Sengupta

YesNoMaybe. An interesting name for a group that conducts social experiments for the video-streaming YouTube-addicted population. The name becomes all the more interesting with their latest video that asks a question throbbing at the back of our minds: What would you do if you heard a woman being raped?

The video, plainly titled Public Experiment on Women Abuse in India, shows a white van parked in a dark spot at night with closed tinted glasses. A woman can be heard screaming inside the vehicle. Occassionaly a man can be heard forcing himself on her, threatening to kill her if she makes noise. The entire thing is a pre-recorded audio clip.

Frighteninly enough, few people (men) who hear the cries of this (recorded) woman being violated coolly walk by. Some stop and try to look inside the vehicle, don't see anything and walk away. A rickshaw halts and lingers raising hopes, but all in vain.

Three men try to help. One tries to smash the window with a stone and later gets very angry with the makers of the video. The other tries to call the police and the third man, a 78-year-old security guard restores our faith in humanity by trying to break into the vehicle with his laathi.

The experiment had to be stopped when one of the rare helpers actually called the cops.

The disturbing video, that could be tagged as 'unethical' by some, does pose a very fundamental question: Who are you? The girl in distress, the man who is raping her, the man who walks by, the old guard who shows real spirit or the absent woman, too scared to walk on deserted roads at night?