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When Bush got the boot

india Updated: Dec 17, 2008 23:26 IST

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Apropos of the editorial At boot camp (December 16), no doubt the Iraqi journalist showed his anger which Bush fully deserves. The invasion of Iraq was totally unwarranted. The policies of Bush have also been disastrous for his own country, the US. He could neither pre-empt not act quickly enough to prevent the great recession. He acted in haste and on partisan interests without seeing the repercussions, either in his own country or outside. The ‘boot salute’ is a fitting gesture to say goodbye to a man responsible for much of the woes of the new millennium.

Manmohan Bhatia, via email


The shoe thrown at President Bush is aimed not only at him. It is aimed at those who believe in arms as a solution to global conflicts, at those who claim to be messiahs of peace but actually want to usurp foreign territory. Bush does not deserve a farewell. A farewell is for those who think of the welfare of people and Bush is not one of them.

SH Sajjoo, Delhi

Review the reviewer

Apart from Khalid Mohamed (Satyam Shahrukham Surinderam, December 13) nobody has favourably reviewed Rab Ne Bana de Jodi, and apart from this publication nobody else is going gaga over this pathetic movie. The way Hindustan Times is promoting the movie, one would think that Rab Ne Bana de Jodi is an in-house production. Also, this publication should seriously consider asking Mohamed to write in a way that people understand. And his bias towards the Yash Raj production house is appaling. How can a respected paper like Hindustan Times let its movie reviews go so cheaply?

Anurag Narayan, via email

Showcase the safety factor

Apropos of Ajay Dua’s article A room with a view (December 15), there can be no two opinions about the fact that the tourism and hospitality industry, which is already in a downturn, has been further affected by the Mumbai attacks. Going by the global experience, tourists do not mind being frisked repeatedly to ensure greater safety. So we should make India as secure as possible using all means and project it as a safe place. The media, instead of highlighting the terror attacks, should help showcase the country as a safe place.

K Venkataraman, Delhi

New bottles, little wine

Apropos of Pankaj Vohra’s article BJP needs new wine in new bottles (Between Us, December 15), it seems the Opposition BJP wasted all its energies in highlighting the wrong issues and/or failing to see the new realities of an emerging India. The author believes that the BJP has enough wine in stock but I think there isn’t much of it left to transfer to new bottles. The BJP has absolutely nothing new to offer to the voters. Can the party at least have an honest and objective round of soul-searching?

RL Pathak, Delhi

Courage in the face of fire

Jullu Yadav, the head constable of the Railway Protection Force, had only a lathi with him when the terrorists struck at CST. When others started running for their lives, Jullu had the courage to take on the terrorists. He took a .303 rifle from another constable but could not fire since the rifle had become unusable. A fuming Jullu, disregarding his own safety, started throwing chairs at the firing militants. The murderous duo had to retreat and many lives were saved. Do we have enough words to thank this man? Perhaps no.

Manmohan K Shukla, Khetrinagar